The GermFalcon is a patented sanitizing device that instantly kills infectious germs on surfaces and in surrounding air. Using only ultraviolet-C (UVC) light, the kind used in hospitals, this highly-effective device is mobile and compact — no larger than a flight attendant’s food and beverage cart.

Aviation Industry

Designed to easily navigate an airplane cabin, the GermFalcon’s strategically placed UVC lamps expose seats and seatbacks, arm rests, tray tables, overhead bins, air and media controls, and floors to the germicidal effects of UVC rays. Harmful bacteria and viruses are instantly killed — even in the surrounding air.

The GermFalcon’s design makes it user-friendly and operates in three important modes. In the cabin, both wings extend to efficiently treat the entire seating area. In the lavatory, a single extended wing reaches in to treat the sink, countertop and toilet. In the galley, both wings retract aiming the GermFalcon’s UVC lamps at countertops and crew area.

The GermFalcon is battery-powered and can sanitize a plane in a matter of minutes. There is minimal labor cost, and no need for messy, toxic, ineffective chemical disinfectants.

Other Industries

The GermFalcon technology has universal applications. Our designers and engineers are currently working to address the needs of many other industries.

Variable speeds and versatile design allow the GermFalcon to sanitize an entire plane — even in the shortest turn time!